This database includes information from a wide variety of sources. Our most important source is our own great-grandfather, the High Chief and master genealogist Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani (1842-1916). We have also drawn from the private collections of other Hawaiian families. Please see the "Sources" section below for a list of standard genealogy reference works also used.

The Genealogy Database

This database includes many ancestral lines from the chiefs of O'ahu, Kauai, Hawai'i, Maui and Molokai as well as ties to many historic hapa-haole lines such as Davis, Adams, Robinson, Ward, Parker, Beckley, Baker, Hussey, and Thomas.

We are closely related to the Kamehameha and Kalakaua royal families through the bloodlines of the High Chiefs, but not directly descended. Consequently, we do not focus on the genealogy of the Kamehameha royal family or the Kalakauas, Kawananakoas, Campbells and others because these people are not our kin. This database contains information on our own ancestors, the chiefs who ruled before the conquest of Kamehameha the Great.

We have merged many separate lines and revealed new networks of chiefly intermarriage. We have also attempted to resolve many identity problems related to multiple names of the chiefs. However, many of the well-known problems in Hawaiian Genealogy persist even today. They remain unsolved mysteries and do appear in the database as such, without comment, unresolved. We present them plainly as the unfinished business that they are. We will continue to work on these familiar old problems in future years and welcome any assistance.

This database contains over 3,800 individuals and 1,700 marriages (couples). There can be no doubt that there are factual errors and conflicts with other family genealogies. We will continue to amend, correct and clarify the data as we develop this website in the future. We apologize in advance for any mistakes you may discover in the meantime and thank you for your understanding. Please do not contact us with requests for corrections. Instead, please create your own family website.

In all cases of conflicts, we follow the teachings of our kupuna Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani (also called Peleioholani the 4th or Lehuanui, or simply, Peleioholani) (1843-1916).

He was the son of Peleioholani III (uncle to the Kings Kamehameha IV and Kamehameha V) and Piikeakaluaonalani, daughter of the last known ninaupio alii Akaka Kukalani. Solomon Peleioholani's great grandfather was the high chief Keʻeaumoku (father of Kaʻahumanu,) one of the ablest supporters of Kamehameha I. Keʻeaumoku distinguished himself in the battle of Mokuʻōhai, a fight between Kamehameha and Kiwalaʻo in July, 1782 in which Kamehameha won, leading to his ultimate control of all the islands.


Family Sources

The Story of Kamehameha (Solomon L.K. Peleioholani)

Genealogy of Solomon L.K. Peleioholani  (Solomon L.K. Peleioholani)

The Complete Ancestry of John Liwai Ena (Solomon L.K. Peleioholani)

Genealogy of the Robinson Family and Ancient Legends and Chants of Hawaii (Solomon L.K. Peleioholani)

Other Sources

Tales & Tradition of the People of Old  (S.M. Kamakau)

Hawaiian Antiquities  (David Malo)

Hawaiian Genealogies (from Hawaiian Language Newspapers) VOL 1 &2  (Edith McKinzie)

Fragments of Genealogy (Mary Pukui)

Hawaiian Genealogy (Mary Pukui)

Hewahewa Genealogies (Rudy Mitchell)

Account of the Polynesian People... VOL 2 (A. Fornander)


This is a private family family website and this information is presented for the specific benefit of Native Hawaiian people, related to us by blood, who are conducting research into their own personal genealogies.

This is not an academic, scholarly or general information resource for the public.

We ask that members of the public request permission from us before browsing these pages. Once permission is granted, all information found in this database is free to use.

Bibliographies please specify: Hawaiian Genealogy of the Kekoolani Family and Other Descendants of the Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii (Dean P. Kekoolani, Editor)