Kekoolani Genealogy of Descendants of the Ruling Chiefs of Hawai'i


Alexander Pollard HUSSEY

Alexander Pollard Hussey descends from the respected Hussey family of New England, whose progenitor is Captain Christopher Hussey, an early settler of New Hamspshire and the first proprietor of Nantucket Island.


There is a record in the International Genealogy Index for an Opunui born in Kukuihaele (area immediately above Waipio Valley).

Kapapa (Papa) KEAWEIWI

Other alternate birthdate year is 1857

We use the birthdate 1863
(from International Genealogy INdex Batch No. 8800892)
This alternate record also calls her father KALAULA KEAWEIWI
This information was submitted by her own descendants (this is  clear from reviewing the other records in batch 8800892).

Albert Muller HUSSEY Sr.

All children sealed to Albert.

Albert's first wife Florence was sealed to him by his wife Grace. Albert was also sealed to his mother. Also sealed to Albert by Grace was other wife Josephine Sepa Oneha and her daughter Wilhelmina.

6 grandchildren from Wilhelmina hanai to Albert.