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  Aesha Ohelo, age 5 (1989), daughter Dawn Aloha Kekoolani, great grandaughter of Nawai and Emily Kekoolani  





Greetings and Welcome to all genealogists. This is a smaller public version of our more comprehensive private family site. If you believe your are a related person  or simply want access to the full website please write to: dkekoolani@vantagepoint.tv.

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1    About the Kekoolani Ohana

A Introduction to the Kekoolani Family
B The Kekoolani-Hussey Family Reunion 2005 (Hilo, Hawaii) Program & Photo Highlights
C Na Pua O Kekoolani (Family History Book - PDF format)
D Photo Galleries (Photos submitted from family and friends)
E Links to Other Websites and Personal Pages
G Kalōpā
H Waipio Valley (Family loi, property, family cemetery)


2   Hale Nauā: Hawaiian Genealogy Database

A Kekoolani Family Database (GEDCOM download available)


3    Kekoolani Family History

A About the Kekoolani Genealogies (An Introduction)
B Kekoolani Family Genealogies (Mo'o kū'auhau / Pedigree Lists)
C Kekoolani Family Charts
D Kekoolani Family Research: Documents, Photos, and other Pictures
E Kekoolani Family Histories & Biographies
F Important Places for the Kekoolani Family:  Kalopa, Pauilo, Honokaa, and the Hamakua Coast
G Family History Focus: The Life & Times of Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani


    Hussey Family History

A About the Hussey Genealogies (An Introduction)
B Hussey Family Genealogies (Mo'o kū'auhau / Pedigree Lists)
C Hussey Family Charts
E Hussey Family Research: Documents, Photos, and other Pictures
F Hussey Family Histories & Biographies
G Important Places for the Hussey Family:  Waipio Valley, Kukuihaele, Waiohinu (Ka'u)
H Family History Focus: Waipio Valley Taro Farming and The Family of George Alika Hussey Sr.

   Royal and Chiefly (Ali'i) Lineages

A About the Ali'i Genealogies (An Introduction)
B Ali'i Genealogies
C Ali'i Genealogy Charts
D Related Ali'i Genealogies
E Ali'i Histories & Biographies
F Ali'i Research: Documents, Photos, and other Pictures

11     Issues & Projects of Interest

A Hawaiian Sovereignty and Native Rights Activities
B Pathways of Polynesia Project (Peter Marsh)









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